Tam’s classes are absolutely fab! I started when my friend Katie took me along to the Wednesday Mum and Me Class. That was about 3 years ago. Barney my toddler then is now in school but still want to come to “exercise class” in the school hols. Tam is genuinely an amazing fitness coach, she gives genuine feedback that is motivating in a subtle encouraging way and this gets results. I have started her early Friday morning weights circuit class now and love it! Didn’t know if I could hack the 6.15am start but really enjoy it and it is a great start to the weekend.... a laugh and exercise! The mum and me classes are a great combination for stamina/cardio and toning! I would recommend her classes to everyone!
— Alison Williams
Mum and me fitness is great!!! I started in January! After gaining a huge 3 stone when pregnant, (twice as much as my first pregnancy) I have now lost 2st and can’t wait to get rid of the final stone or maybe a little bit more.
Mum and me fitness kick started my exercising regime, I am now also running almost everyday alongside mum and me fitness classes. After realising the more I do the more I lose! Mum and me fitness really helps your body change shape, by toning your body as well as weight loss. Especially the dreaded baby bump area. With mum and me fitness I wouldn’t have had the motivation, energy levels or confidence to get through the last 6 months!
Sure it’s exhausting when you’re working out, but the way I feel afterwards and all day long, makes me feel like the slinkiest woman alive! I couldn’t believe how by using energy (I didn’t know I had) I was able to get even more energy! Energy to cope with no sleep, a crazy toddler and a stressful year.
Thankyou mum and me fitness! And long may you continue to help mums get back to themselves!
— Alison Prince
Tam, you are a genius at what you do! I put on 3 stone when I was pregnant and had problems with my pelvis and stomach, yet thanks to you I got back to less than pre baby weight in just enough time to get in my wedding dress (8 months after Lottie was born!)
You are so much fun as are your classes (even though I always end up looking like a sweaty tomato after!) You also really care about all us mums and your amazing with the babies! Don’t stop doing what your doing and being who you are. Thank you so much, I couldn’t recommend your classes enough xxxx
— Kate Melly
Tam has the perfect attitude to fitness and clients (complete with our babies). She welcomes you with just right mix of coaxing encouragement and expectation for you to work hard not for her but for you & your fitness. The ladies in the class were also equally welcoming and encouraging. The sets were challenging but a great welcome back to exercise, working all the areas that need strengthening and firming post pregnancy and now going forward - loved the music too! My 4 month old was slightly unsettled by the noise but Tam asked if she could pick her up - one big cuddle and all was well - back to the play mats in the middle of a circle of great ladies working their circuits hard but all smiling!! I came out utterly pumped and in love with exercise again. All my limbs were slightly less delighted for the next two days but that just demonstrated what a great job the sets did - thank you Tam.
— Kate Sturgess

I like Mum & Me Fitness because it gives me a chance to exercise with my little one whatever the weather is doing outside. The trainers are great to get along with and can tailor the exercises to you. Exercising in group gives you more motivation and the great thing about the class is you don’t need a babysitter. If your little one needs anything you can stop and pick it up again or they can have cuddles with Tam. It’s also a good chance to get to know other mums as well as getting back in shape. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to lose some baby weight.
— Natalie Mullins
The Stratford class has started recently and come as a huge relief! I’d been desperate to get back to exercising after the birth of my baby but didn’t feel ready to leave her in a crèche yet, so you brought me the perfect solution where I can start working on my post baby fitness and keep an eye on Isabelle at the same time.
You provide just the right level of challenge to push us, whilst keeping the class welcoming for people who may have lost a bit of fitness and body confidence over the last 9 months!!
Not just a class for fitness fanatics, but great for anyone no matter what your level of fitness or body shape, and a great way to meet a few more new mummy friends.
— Sarah Williams
I couldn’t be more thankful to Mum & Me Fitness for the enjoyment and confidence the classes have given me. As a first time Mum it’s has enabled me to exercise three times a week with a young baby from 8 weeks old. The trainers work you hard, give you the reassurance you are using the right techniques and most importantly make you feel good about yourself. Not only am I getting fitter, losing the baby weight and toning up I get to meet other mums and their little ones. I can’t recommend these classes enough.
— Polly Wootton

Brilliant idea, fantastic fun, class. Friendly group and great way to get back into shape. Thoroughly recommend giving it a go.
— ‎Michaela Robinson
Mum and me has been great to meet other mums with babies the same age, get fitter, healthier and stronger in a fun and really supportive environment! My kids really enjoy it too (and my daughter does the best squats!!) x
— Victoria Stokes
Had my first class with you ladies today and it was fantastic! Such a fab way to work out with your little ones by your side Thankyou and see you next week x
— Micheala Hudson
I have really enjoyed going to a class during the day which includes your baby! I feel I am really pushing myself with the help of Mum & Me Fitness! Bring on the new me!!
— Ailsa Yapici

Wonderful class, allows you to get in shape alongside your baby!
— Angela Polanco
Excellent idea, my son gets to socialise with other babies whilst I get a good workout that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise. I’ve already recommended the class to friends in the same position.
— Vicky Ledingham
Thanks for today’s session - my legs and gluts are feeling it! (I even missed some of the squat jumps ... will try and get a few more in before the end of the day!)
— Kay Adams
A fabulous class yesterday, it was challenging, fun and sociable and the babies were truly entertained watching all the mummies get fit!
— Louise Denton

Excellent idea, my son gets to socialise with other babies whilst I get a good workout that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise. I’ve already recommended the class to friends in the same position.
— Vicky Ledingham
Mum & Me provides a unique approach to fitness following the arrival of your baby. I was fairly fit (ish) prior to my daughter being born and therefore I wanted a class that would push me back and not do the gentle gentle approach! However the team provide a relaxed atmosphere so there is no stress if your little one is having a ‘difficult ‘ day. You’re amongst like-minded people with the same challenges. Most importantly the changes to your body soon start happening with the fantastic circuit training. My advice; go for it you will not be disappointed.
— Samantha Pierpoint
Mum and Me Fitness is such a fantastic idea - you can get fit and enjoy a good workout without the worry of having to get childcare. My daughter absolutely loves it, she alternates between joining in with some of the exercises and then playing with the toys provided. Tamsin is a great instructor and with plenty of enthusiasm and knowledge to offer.
— Lauren Gregory

I started going to mum & me fitness in January, I needed to lose a big amount of weight for my wedding in June. I have never been a fan of exercise and have always struggled with my weight. I wasn’t sure if I would like the class. How wrong was I, I left the first class feeling full of energy and enthusiasm and thought I can actually do this. Within a few weeks I was going to class 4 times a week and could see the inches falling off. Tam and the team make every class fun, they help you work towards your goals and most of all they are fab with the little ones. My daughter has lots of fun at every class. I have lost 3 stone and 3 dress sizes with Mum & Me fitness and I can’t thank Tam and the team enough for helping me get into my wedding dress and for the first time in years I am happy with my size.
— Kath Wilkins
I moved to Stratford last year with my 5 month old and a 3 year old. I didn’t know anyone locally but our health visitor told me about Mum & Me Fitness during our welcome visit. I started going twice a week at first and then up to four times a week. I definitely feel fitter and healthier and once I started eating properly I lost a stone and half.

The other mums have been great and I hope to keep in touch, even thought I’m starting back at work and won’t be going to class during the week... but Yes Tam I will be coming on Wednesday evenings...! wouldn’t miss it. x
— Dawn Chapman
I so desperately wanted to get back into shape after having my children but it was a logistical nightmare.....then I found Tam. Tam is supportive but yet pushes you hard to get results. I am 2 stone lighter and in the best shape I have ever been in. Mum and Me Fitness is great as it is relaxed, supportive and a perfect solution to the challenge of trying to find some time to exercise as you can take your baby with you. Also great value for money when you get an exercise class and don’t have to pay for childcare. I cannot recommend it enough to achieve a post baby body that you are proud of.
— Lucy Nealon

I first started going to mum & me after the birth of my daughter. I liked the idea I could work out with my baby and my friends and the location was really convenient.
The mix of exercises really worked me but Tam always made sure you were both within your limits but pushed yourself.
My daughter got used to playing on the mats and, as each exercise was a short blast, if she did need me I could be there in seconds to settle her and not miss out. I’ve done many sets of squats with her as extra weight!
Less than a year later I returned having had my second. Everything was harder second time round, especially with 2 under 2, but I missed exercise and doing something for me, so I organised 4 PT sessions at home to kick start me.
What we managed to achieve in that short space of time was amazing and with my older child watching, joining in and chanting Tam’s name when she left I decided to head back to class with both of them and we all had a blast.
Tam has been fantastic to work with over the past 2 years and has a real empathy for new mums whatever their exercise level. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful with one another. You work at your own pace so it really doesn’t matter what your fitness is like, the sessions are all about you. Thanks Tam for helping me and countless other mums xxx
— Kate Trimble
I started coming to the Mum & Me Fitness classes about a year ago with my son Tom, then 8 months, it’s been a fab way for us to get out and really feel like we’ve done something. I would get a brilliant work out and Tom would get to play, explore and socialise it was a win:win!!

Whilst Tom and I don’t go to the day time kids included classes anymore, I now attend the evening class on a Wednesday. I love coming along and it’s not just the physical benefits, I’ve gained confidence and friends too!

Thanks to Tam I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes and shed more than a stone in weight, I’ve toned up and got definition in places I forgot it might be possible! Tam is a great trainer, she’s welcoming and knowledgeable, she is a fab motivator pushing you out of your comfort zone for the best results, but only what she knows you can handle!!

I encourage any mums to have a go at Tam’s classes ... you won’t regret it xx”
— Suzanne Frear

Such great fun and I feel fit again hoorah! The babies love it too! Thanks Tam x
— Olivia Brooker
I’ve really been wanting to get back in the gym since having my daughter in May 2016 but childcare has held me back. With Mum & Me fitness classes that is no longer a problem!
I love Tams classes! She makes them fun with the right focus & pushes you to reach your goals
— Rebecca Michielson
Mum and Me Fitness is such a welcoming place to go when you’ve just had a baby- you get to meet other lovely people and get fit at the same time! I was able to take my Son and not worry when he cried or needed feeding throughout as everyone else was doing the same BUT Tamsin also makes you workout hard (if that’s what you want!) I would definitely recommend!
— Abigale Booth