How Kate kick started getting back in shape after having her second baby

I first started going to mum & me after the birth of my daughter. I liked the idea I could work out with my baby and my friends and the location was really convenient.

The mix of exercises really worked me but Tam always made sure you were both within your limits but pushed yourself.

My daughter got used to playing on the mats and, as each exercise was a short blast, if she did need me I could be there in seconds to settle her and not miss out. I've done many sets of squats with her as extra weight!

Less than a year later I returned having had my second. Everything was harder second time round, especially with 2 under 2, but I missed exercise and doing something for me, so I organised 4 PT sessions at home to kick start me.

What we managed to achieve in that short space of time was amazing and with my older child watching, joining in and chanting Tam's name when she left I decided to head back to class with both of them and we all had a blast.

Tam has been fantastic to work with over the past 2 years and has a real empathy for new mums whatever their exercise level. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful with one another. You work at your own pace so it really doesn't matter what your fitness is like, the sessions are all about you. Thanks Tam for helping me and countless other mums xxx

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